Knack Body Language

Techniques On Interpreting Nonverbal Cues In The World And Workplace

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By Aaron Brehove - Photographs by Roger Paperno
Price: $19.95 Pub Date: 04/01/2011 Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781599219493 Imprint: Globe Pequot Press Trim: Pages: 256

Whether during an interview, a date, or a business meeting, knowing what wordless signals others are unintentionally conveying—and being aware of your own body language—could decide your fate! Knack Body Language shows you what guesswork won’t. With Knack’s unique combination of clear descriptions with hundreds of corresponding color photos, it is the ideal go-to handbook to the physiology and the psychology of what the body and expressions reflect. Covering all you need to know, it includes a bonus chapter—vetted by a New York City–based international recruiting firm—on interviewing do’s and don’ts.

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