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Best of the Midwest

Rediscovering America's Heartland

Join Midwest Living's founding editor Dan Kaercher as he travels through twelve states in America's heartland, visiting the hidden corners and vibrant cities that make this region great. Beautiful photographs and an engaging te...

ISBN: 978-0-7627-3699-7 Pub Date: 06/01/2005 Price: $19.95  
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Day Trips® from Columbus, 3rd

Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler

These day trip itineraries, all within approximately two hours of Columbus, include recommendations for the best things to see and do, where to shop, where to eat, and where to stay and more.

ISBN: 978-0-7627-4773-3 Pub Date: 09/15/2009 Price: $14.95  
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Eastern Great Lakes Lighthouses, 2nd

Ontario, Erie, and Huron

Eastern Great Lakes Lighthouses combines the fascinating history and lore of lighthouses with stunning color and black-and-white photographs. The stories of the most significant lighthouses on Lakes Ontario, Erie, and Huron--on...

ISBN: 978-0-7627-0932-8 Pub Date: 06/01/2001 Price: $19.95  
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Insiders' Guide® to Cincinnati, 8th

For those looking to visit Cincinnati or considering moving there, Insiders’ Guide to Cincinnati is the essential source for information about this thriving Ohio city.

ISBN: 978-0-7627-4865-5 Pub Date: 02/24/2009 Price: $18.95  
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Insiders' Guide® to Columbus, Ohio, 2nd

This authoritative guide provides comprehensive insider information on visiting and living in Ohio's capital. The nation's fifteenth largest city, Columbus boasts a small town atmosphere with big city culture, cosmopoli...

ISBN: 978-0-7627-4784-9 Pub Date: 07/01/2008 Price: $18.95  
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Ohio Off the Beaten Path®, 13th

A Guide to Unique Places

Ohio Off the Beaten Path features the things travelers and locals want to see and experience––if only they knew about them. From the best in local dining to quirky cultural tidbits to hidden...

ISBN: 978-0-7627-9206-1 Pub Date: 12/17/2013 Price: $16.95  
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