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Catch Your Dog Doing Something Right

How to Train Any Dog in Five Minutes a Day

Solving dog behavior problems has never been easier or more fun,yes, fun.

ISBN: 978-1-59228-564-8 Pub Date: 11/01/2004 Price: $14.95  
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Dog Culture

Writers on the Character of Canines

Behind every good writer is...a dog

ISBN: 978-1-59228-538-9 Pub Date: 10/01/2004 Price: $9.95  
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Outwitting Dogs

Revolutionary techniques for dog training that work!

ISBN: 978-1-59228-243-2 Pub Date: 12/01/2004 Price: $12.95  
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The Whole Dog Journal Handbook of Dog and Puppy Care and Training

Thorough research and expert guidance on natural dog and puppy care and training, from the cutting-edge monthly magazine.

ISBN: 978-1-59228-189-3 Pub Date: 12/01/2007 Price: $19.95  
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