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Arctic Crossing

One Man's 2,000-Mile Odyssey Among the Inuit

An amazing tale of a breathtaking journey across the top of the world. (SEE QUOTES.)

ISBN: 978-1-58574-730-6 Pub Date: 09/01/2002 Price: $16.95  
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The Craft of Intelligence

America's Legendary Spy Master on the Fundamentals of Intelligence Gathering for a Free World

America's legendary spy master on the fundamentals of intelligence gathering.

ISBN: 978-1-59228-297-5 Pub Date: 04/01/2006 Price: $18.95  
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The Doctor Wore Petticoats

Women Physicians of the Old West

A New York Times Bestseller!
"No women need apply." Western towns looking for a local doctor during the frontier era often concluded their advertisements in just that manner. Yet apply they did...

ISBN: 978-0-7627-3566-2 Pub Date: 03/01/2006 Price: $14.95  
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The Encyclopaedia of Celtic Myth and Legend

A Definitive Sourcebook of Magic, Vision, and Lore

A comprehensive collection of the Celts' wise and entertaining stories.

ISBN: 978-1-59228-302-6 Pub Date: 03/01/2004 Price: $19.95  
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Fatal Depth

Deep Sea Diving, China Fever, and the Wreck of the Andrea Doria

The gripping true story of treasure hunting and terrible tragedy encountered by divers exploring the world's most dangerous sunken shipwreck.

ISBN: 978-1-59228-304-0 Pub Date: 06/01/2004 Price: $14.95  
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Frontier Living

An Illustrated Guide to Pioneer Life in America

With more than 200 illustrations by the author.

ISBN: 978-1-58574-137-3 Pub Date: 08/01/2000 Price: $19.95  
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Gilded Girls

Women Entertainers of the Old West

The curtain rises and authors JoAnn Chartier and Chris Enss shine the spotlight on 14 entertaining women who sang, danced, acted in plays, performed equestrienne feats, and captured the hearts of the miners and homesteaders of the Fro...

ISBN: 978-0-7627-2679-0 Pub Date: 06/01/2003 Price: $12.95  
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The Great Book of Wildfowl Decoys

A huge, oversize, fully illustrated look at an American folk-art treasure, complete with hundreds of lavish full-color photographs.

ISBN: 978-1-58574-120-5 Pub Date: 07/01/2000 Price: $100  
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The Greatest Flying Stories Ever Told

Nineteen Amazing Tales from the Sky

A diverse, inspiring, and exciting collection on the thrills of taking flight.

ISBN: 978-1-59228-481-8 Pub Date: 12/01/2004 Price: $18.95  
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Heart of the Trail

The Stories of Eight Wagon Train Women

True stories of the triumphs and tribulations of eight women who crossed the American frontier by wagon. First hand accounts from their letters and diaries, most written on the trail.

ISBN: 978-1-56044-562-3 Pub Date: 09/01/1997 Price: $10.95  
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