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Iowa Curiosities, 2nd

Quirky characters, roadside oddities & other offbeat stuff

Your round-trip ticket to the wildest, wackiest, most outrageous people, places, and things the Hawkeye State has to offer!

ISBN: 978-0-7627-5419-9 Pub Date: 11/10/2009 Price: $16.95  
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It Happened in Iowa

This book offers an inside look at over 30 interesting and unusual episodes that shaped the history of the Hawkeye State.

ISBN: 978-0-7627-6440-2 Pub Date: 11/30/-0001 Price: $14.95  
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It Happened on the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Author Erin H. Turner brings to light 44 fascinating events from Meriwether Lewis and William Clark's 1803-1805 expedition from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean and back, including the first democratic vote west of the Mississippi, the ...

ISBN: 978-0-7627-2584-7 Pub Date: 05/01/2003 Price: $12.95  
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Oregon Trail Stories

True Accounts of Life in a Covered Wagon

Travel along the Oregon Trail with the pioneers who dared to "face the elephant" as they moved west in search of a new life. Compiled from the trail diaries and memoirs that document this momentous period in American history, Orego...

ISBN: 978-0-7627-3082-7 Pub Date: 12/01/2003 Price: $10.95  
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