Two-Year Mountain

A Nepal Journey

Book Description

Combining adventure story, travel log, and personal confession, this absorbing account describes a wrenching experience that belies the idealistic expectations of many Peace Corps volunteers. Following a stint as a volunteer teacher in a Nepalese village, Phil Deutschle sets off alone on an expedition to conquer Pharchamo, 20,580 feet high, which has claimed several lives. This trek forms the framework of the book, and into it Deutschle weaves the story of his experiences in sharply etched, swiftly moving, often humorous anecdotes.

About Deutschle, Phil

A native Californian, Phil Deutschle is currently teaching in Salinas California. 

The author’s other adventures have included cycling across the Kalahari and Namib deserts, getting captured by pirates while canoeing down the Congo River, hunting with Bushmen, and falling through a crevasse while ice climbing unroped in the Andes. Currently living in Salinas California, teaching physics and astronomy, he says “I have never owned a car, which makes me a true counter-culture freak in the US.”