West Sweden

Including Gothenburg

Book Description

This fully revised second edition of Bradt's West Sweden remains the most comprehensive – and only standalone – guidebook to this enchanting region. In the first dedicated guidebook, Bradt's West Sweden reveals the staggering variety of the area's experiences, including a chapter on Gothenburg and a section on the region's history and culture, and offers detailed maps of both the coastline and the cities. New for this edition are sections on Top 10 ‘must do' and Top 6 Wild Swimming spots, new road trip suggestions and new coverage of Borås, thje region's second largest municipality. The author, James Proctor, has written Bradt guides to Lapland and the Faroe Islands and has visited Scandinavia annually for over 30 years.
Centrally located within Scandinavia, west Sweden is quickly developing as a vibrant tourist location and continues to attract an increasing number of visitors. With a bewildering array of over 8,000 islands, endless meadows of wild flowers and the lively and cosmopolitan coastal city of Gothenburg, west Sweden perfectly encapsulates both the rugged beauty and urban delights Scandinavia has to offer.

About Proctor, James

James Proctor first travelled to West Sweden in 1986 and was smitten with the Scandinavian North from the very outset. Having worked as the BBC's Scandinavia Correspondent during the mid-90s, James has been back and forth to Sweden ever since and today specialises in guidebooks to the Nordic countries. He's written a total of seven guidebooks, including one to the whole of Sweden as well as Bradt's Faroe Islands and Lapland guides. James speaks fluent Swedish, which Swedes (and most other people) are at a loss to comprehend. Searching to understand why, they regularly ask whether he has a Swedish mother or father. Their incredulity only grows when they learn that he learnt Swedish by mistake – a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time at university. Clearly, his native Yorkshire dialect, liberally peppered with former Viking words and phrases from the days of the Danelaw, set him on the right path to a career that put Sweden, and West Sweden in particular, at is heart.