Ivory Coast

Book Description

Thisis the only English-language guidebook to focus solely on Ivory Coast, a countryof crimson savannahs, sublime mountains and cream-hued beaches that is becomingpopular for ecotourism and wildlife, surfing and off-the-beaten track travel. Havingonly recently re-opened for tourism, Ivory Coast is West Africa's hiddentreasure. In-depth and comprehensive coverage of everything from chimp-watchingand hiking to food and the Ivorian music and dance scene is featured (includinghow Twerking originated from the Ivorian mapouka,which was deemed so raunchy in the 1970s that the government temporarily bannedit from television.) Packed with vivid descriptions, detailed maps and essentialpractical advice, this book is invaluable to any visitor, whatever your purpose.The guide organises the country into ten regions and includes western Dix-HuitMontagnes and northern Savanes and Deguél, previously omitted from other,wider-ranging guides. It also includes meticulousmaps and suggested itineraries for different timescales. Wide-ranging informationon food and accommodation is given for each region.

IvoryCoast's nature is as alluring as its culture, whether you want to surf off beachesof Assinie, trek through the savannahs of the north or scale Mount Tonkoui forpanoramic views of Liberia and Guinea. In the Comoé, Tai and Marahoué nationalparks, it's possible to glimpse leopards, lions, chimpanzees, aardvarks,antelopes and 500 bird species. The guide includes sections offering advice on hikingand trekking the northern alpine regions and on birdwatching andwildlife-spotting in the various national parks. There is a section devoted toIvory Coast's artistic and cultural assets which includes accurate prices fortribal arts and crafts. Distributed throughout the book are fact boxescontaining anecdotes about notable Ivorians (such as the dramaticrags-to-riches-back-to-rags story of the singer Francois Lougah) as well as vox pops of average citizens (taxidrivers, shopkeepers, bar staff) expressing their thoughts about Ivorian life,society and culture.

About Sykes, Tom

TomSykes has been a travel writer and editor for 10 years. In 2013 he travelledextensively in Ivory Coast and is now a regular contributor of articles aboutIvorian culture, history, politics and tourism to the New African and AfricanCourier magazines. Few English-speaking journalists have visited the IvoryCoast in recent years and Tom is regarded as an authority on the country. His fiancéis also Ivorian. His work includes research and writing in the Ivory Coast for The LondonMagazine, New African and African Courier. He has also published travelstories in The Telegraph, The Journalistand numerous in-flight magazines.

Tom is the co-editor of five anthologies oftravelogues; the first, NoSuch Thing as a Free Ride? was serialised in The Times and named The Observer's Travel Book ofthe Month. He is currently Lecturer in CreativeWriting at the University of Portsmouth and is studying at Goldsmiths,University of London for a PhD on Western travel writing about the developingworld.