From Gettysburg to Lexington

Book Description

This book details Lee’s life from Gettysburg to his death just five years after the South’s surrender at Appomattox. Rather than retreating bitterly from life, Lee sought to heal the nation, even meeting with his rival, Ulysses S. Grant, while the former Union general occupied the White House. Leaving his military life behind, Lee went on to become president of Washington College, where he was revered for his fairness as well as his willingness to help struggling students.

About Savage, Douglas

Douglas Savage is a critically acclaimed author of many books, including A Mouthful of Dust: A Portrait of a Writer in Search of His Own Red Badge of Courage, The Court Martial of Robert E. Lee, Highpockets, Cedar City Rendezvous, The Glass Lady, and Incident in Mona Passage. He lives in Canton, Ohio.