Knack Astrology

A Complete Illustrated Guide To The Zodiac

Book Description

No other astrology book for beginners and intermediates is as easy-to-follow and visually stunning as Knack Astrology. With some 400 full-color photographs and illustrations that provide quick interpretive and reference tools, it begins with the cosmic clock, takes readers through the signs and houses of the Zodiac, and teaches the basics of reading and interpreting a birth chart. Chock-full of useful interpretations of signs, planets in signs, aspects, and synastry, it ensures that readers will come away with a sufficient understanding of astrological charts to begin creating their own.

About Hall, Molly

Molly Hall is a writer-stargazer, and the Guide to Astrology on She's a Cancer, with Pisces Rising and Gemini Moon. Molly has been a writer for 20 years, and was formerly a reporter for the Associated Press. She began studying metaphysics 12 years ago at the California Institute for Integral Studies. The Women's Spirituality program there laid the foundation for understanding astrology, and its influence on mythology and cultures. Molly has studied archeo-mythology, shamanism and cosmology in and out of the classroom. Molly has led goddess circles and taught classes on moon magic. As freelancer, she's written for books on numerology, astrology and the language of symbols. Molly is a member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NYC Chapter). She lives in Savannah, Georgia.
David Cole Wheeler has designed covers and provided illustrations for fiction, non-fiction and children's titles, as well as advertising and single- and multi-panel cartoons. He lives in Connecticut with his wife and two sons.