Bitchin' Kitchen Cookbook

Rock Your Kitchen--And Let The Boys Clean Up The Mess

Book Description

Cooking Channel star chef-commedienne Nadia G's Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookbook is a guide for the next generation of lifestyle aficionados. Screw stuffing the turkey! Nadia G offers recipes for real-life scenarios: What do you make for breakfast after a one-night stand? What do you serve up to say you're sorry for the PMS rampage? Need to impress the in-laws? Well, Lord knows you may never be good enough, but at least the meal will be!


Divided into themes such as "Halloween Hootenanny," "Bag 'em, Tag 'em Meals," and "Deflate Your Mate," The Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookbook boasts more than 60 delicious, easy-to-follow recipes such as “Save-Your-Sex-Life Souffles,” “Sedate the In-Laws Bison Tartar,” and “Lock-Down French Toast”—along with comedic correspondent reports from the likes of the Spice Agent, Hans, and Panos the Fish Guy. Sassy “Nadvice” sidebars sprinkled throughout deliver practical food, equipment, and serving tips with a hearty dose of humor.

 Viciously funny with an epicurean edge, The Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookbook sends pastel lifestyle hostesses packin’ and blazes a path straight to the hearts and stomachs of hungry wo/men everywhere.

About Giosia, Nadia

Nadia Giosia, better known as “Nadia G,” is the deliciously twisted mastermind behind Bitchin' Kitchen. She, along with the rest of the BK crew, recently won a 2007 WAVE Award for “Favorite Mobile Comedy Series,” and Web clips of Bitchin' Kitchen can be downloaded by Verizon V-cast users in the States and numerous mobile phone providers across Canada. The Montreal-based comedian, actress, and graphic designer loves to eat, loves to cook, and loves to let the boys clean up the mess. Nadia G loathes Rachel Ray, and proclaims, “The days of Prozac-happy lifestyle hostesses are over. Welcome to the next generation of savoir-vivre.”