Wild Life

Adventures Of An Accidental Conservationist In Africa

Book Description

This British ex-patriot moved to Zimbabwe in 1977, when it was still called Rhodesia. Pitman stumbled into saving wild animals almost by mistake. But his sense of humor, and love of animals, made him a perfect candidate for this fraught and sometimes frustrating mission. His tales from the bush and passion for wildlife and conservation are filled with humor and heartbreak—saving elephants in Matusadona National Park, tracking black rhinos, saving cheetahs, and, perhaps most dangerous, introducing foreign tourists to African wildlife. This is a witty and hope-filled true story from a talented writer who is frequently in the news discussing the challenges of Zimbabwe's natural future.

About Pitman, Dick

Dick Pitman is the founder of the Zambezi Society, a non profit conservation org working to safe animals in Zimbabwe. He has written 3 books on Zimbabwe and his work has been published in magazines in the US and UK, such as BBC Wildlife, Washington Post Mag, International Wildlife, et al.