Shooting Gallery

A Detective Yablonsky Mystery

Book Description

[2015 Reprint] After Detective Yablonsky stumbles over the body of a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist in Central Park, he follows the murder clues into the seedy underbelly of Manhattan's elite world of the rich and famous. The victim, Skinny McPherson was a tough-hitting reporter for the alternative newspaper The Guardian and had high-powered enemies everywhere—from real-estate mogul Raymond Staples to crooked judge Dollars Dillon. But the more Detective Yablonsky investigates, the further he is mired in the hard-boiled world of corruption and murder. Ultimately he traces his quarry to the heart of the East Village, where Starbucks and drug-infested “shooting galleries” sit side-by-side. Lean, taut, and gripping at every turn, The Shooting Gallery is a return to form for one of America's premiere voices in mystery writing.

About Trigoboff, Joseph

Joseph Trigoboff is the author of several books, including The Bone Orchard, the first installment in the Detective Yablonsky series, and his memoir Rumble in Brooklyn, the gripping tale of his childhood among the teenage gangs of East New York. He now makes his home with his family in New York City.