Best of the Britcoms

From Fawlty Towers to The Office

Book Description

With crisp dialog, outrageous characters, and an absurd sense of humor, it's no wonder British sitcoms are so well-loved! Best of the Britcoms covers the most noteworthy situation comedies ever to cross the pond. Each entry combines a show summary with descriptions of standout episodes and behind-the-scenes details, plus gives you production data and full cast listings. And now, the revised edition of this Britcom classic contains seven new chapters on programs that have aired in the U.S. since the original edition was published, such as The Office, Extras, and My Family. Fans of old-school Britcoms won't be disappointed either, as the revised edition also includes the later developments of older series' storylines and detailed information on specials and cast reunions that have occurred in the intervening years. Pick up this book, kick back, and get to know a Britcom!

About Berman, Garry

Garry Berman is a freelance writer and author of We're Going To See The Beatles!, an oral history of the Beatlemania years in America. As a lifelong Anglophile and avid fan of British TV, he has a personal video library of over 300 hours of Britcoms, from which Best of the Britcoms was born. In a previous life, he was a video/TV producer and a contributor to British Television magazine. He lives in Westampton, NJ.