Moon Loon

Book Description

In the dark, soft night, the haunting call of a single loon echoes over a moonlit lake. All through the day, only one magnificent black and white bird scribes ripples across the surface. Why is he so alone?

Moon Loon is an evocative, gentle bedtime story about a girl who is fascinated by this solitary loon. All through the summer, as she enjoys canoeing, swimming, and watching wildlife, she wonders about the lonely bird and what his life is like. Through richly layered colored-pencil illustrations, we follow the girl's musings on the loon from spring through fall.

About Fuller, Sandy Ferguson

In addition to being an author and illustrator, Sandy Fuller is also a professional consultant and agent for other writers and illustrators of books for children and young adults. She has also been director of the children's book division of a regional book wholesaler and a national sales coordinator in the children's book division of a publishing house. Sandy lives in Aspen Spring, Colorado.