Lone Star Field Guide to Texas Snakes

Book Description

The State of Texas not only boasts the largest snakes in North America, but also the largest number of species—105. This guide describes in detail each and every one of them, from the benign Texas long-nosed snake, to the venomous Western Cottonmouth. Facts on the biology and behavior are given, plus the latest findings on abundance, reproduction, prey, sizes, and habitat. In addition, introductory chapters describe the physiology and diet of snakes, and an all-important section on "Venom and Evenomation" debunks the many myths surrounding what to do when bit by a venomous snake. 128 color plates of species and subspecies aid in identification.

About Tennant, Alan

Alan Tennant is an award winning writer, wildlife lecturer, wilderness guide, and herpetologist. He is the author of many books and articles including two volumes on the snakes of North America. Tennant's Field Guide to Snakes of Florida is a National Outdoor Book Award winner.