Understanding Boat Batteries and Battery Charging

Book Description

From John C. Payne, on eof the foremost international authorities on marine electrical systems and electronics, comes a new series of easy-to-understand yet thorough treatments of technical issues facing every boat owner, whether sail or power. Each volume is concise, compact, and fully illustrated for easy reference.

Understanding Boat Batteries and Battery Charging covers: general battery information, lead acid batteries, AGM batteries, gel batteries, battery ratings and selection, safety and maintenance, charging, alternators, and regulators.

About Payne, John C.

John C. Payne is a cruising sailor and professional marine electrical engineer and surveyor with a 28 year career in merchant shipping and the offshore oil industry. His unique combination of technical know know-how and practical experience at sea has made him a much sought-after authority on the subject. He is the author of Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible, Motorboat Electrical and Electronics Manual, Understanding Boat Wiring, and The Great Cruising Cookbook, all published by Sheridan House.