Great Florida Seminole Trail


Book Description

The Great Florida Seminole Trail is the first comprehensive illustrated guide to Florida's historic and cultural sites that directly relate to the Seminole Indians, covering Seminole history from when they first migrated into the state in the 1700s to the tragic Seminole wars to contemporary Seminole culture. The guide covers all parts of the state that can be visited today, including the old Negro Fort site in the Panhandle, the Alachua Savannah near Gainesville, the Dade Battlefield in Bushnell, the Smallwood Store in the Ten Thousand Islands, Indian Key in the Florida Keys, and the destroyed sugar plantations near St. Augustine.

About Alderson, Doug

Doug Alderson is a Florida naturalist and writer. He has published many articles in magazines such as Wildlife Conservation, Sierra, and Florida Wildlife, and has written a number of books on natural travel in Florida. In writing tales for this book, Alderson drew upon many years of entertaining young people as a camp counselor and storyteller, and also from decades as a swamp explorer. Who but a naturalist can really scare you about what lurks in the swamp? Doug Alderson has been there and knows. . . . His latest book from Pineapple Press is A New Guide to Old Florida Attractions.