Boston Food Crawls

Touring the Neighborhoods One Bite and Libation at a Time

Book Description

Boston Food Crawls is an exciting journey into the Boston food and bar scene that takes the reader on a culinary and tour through this historic yet modern city. The unique vibe and flavors of neighborhood restaurants and base. Through overviews of each neighborhood and interviews with the tastemakers, learn the history of how cuisine has evolved and discover the best places to go and their best dishes. Hear the perspective of some of Boston’s most well-known chefs on how they have seen their neighborhoods morph and change over the past few years into the international culinary landmark that Boston is today…and then finally get tasting!

About Louise, J.Q.

J.Q. Louise is a born and bred Bostonian. Having grown up dining at the landmark restaurants in town, she appreciates the new flavors that have come to the city. As a social media food and travel influencer, J.Q. has built relationships with some of Boston’s most prominent chefs and restauranteurs and loves to share her culinary adventures with her audience. Her blog,, offers personal travel stories, curated itineraries and tips for the globetrotting foodie. In addition to her blog and social channels, J.Q. has contributed to outlets such as: The Food Network, NESN, and AOL Lifestyle, among others.