Great American Crime Stories

Lyons Press Classics

Book Description

True American crimes, the legendary and the long-forgotten

  • Range of historical crimes: murder, piracy, Wild West outlaws, mafia crime, and more
  • Lyons Press American Classics deliver stories rooted in their time, place, and topic
  • Distinct series design for impulse- and collect-them-all sales

  • The Bloody Benders Family . . . The Black Hand of New Orleans . . . The Crimes of Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch . . . The Mountain Meadows Massacre in Utah . . . Rachel Wall, Female Pirate and The Last Woman to be Hanged in Massachusetts . . . The Rise of New York’s Organized Crime . . . and even a crime chronicled by President Abraham Lincoln. This criminal collection of Lyons Press American Classics delivers the murderous, thieving, and otherwise nefarious acts we love to read about—all from our deep history and in a book that makes a great gift as part of Lyons Press’s outstanding Americana library.

    About Bowers, Bill

    Bill Bowers is a freelance editor and writer. He lives with his wife in Cooperstown, New York.