Trail Runner's Companion

A Step-by-Step Guide to Trail Running and Racing, from 5Ks to Ultras

Book Description

The Trail Runner’s Companion provides an inspirational, practical, and goal-oriented guide that coaches the reader to become a better and more satisfied runner through trail running. Written by veteran trail runner and competitor, Sarah Lavender Smith, each chapter opens with a compelling story, told in the author’s engaging voice. Readers will embark on a journey that begins with safe, consistent training and culminates in adventurous, ambitious trail racing. Along the way, they’ll learn the basics of technique and gear; deepen their appreciation for the ethos and characters who make up the sport; understand how to tackle numerous challenges during a trail run; and develop the physical and mental tenacity to complete an ultra-distance trail race. Combining the storytelling and coaching expertise of the author, who also interviews other pro trail runners to incorporate their insights, The Trail Runner's Companion delivers sophisticated, yet uncomplicated advice through a well-known and trusted personality in the sport of trail running.

"Sarah Lavender Smith has long been one of trail running’s finest and most insightful writers, and her first book, The Trail Runner’s Companion, ties everything together for all trail runners, from newbies to veterans and all abilities in between. She expertly and empathetically describes how one should train, eat, drink, and think while becoming a trail runner. But perhaps most importantly of all, she tells us what it means to be a trail runner—why this journey, in her words, 'all the way up to the summit and back down,' is worth the effort. If you already are a trail runner, The Trail Runner’s Companion will make you want to become a better trail runner. If you aren’t yet a trail runner, The Trail Runner’s Companion will make you want to become one.” - John Trent, longtime ultrarunner, race director, Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run board member, and award-winning sportswriter

"The Trail Runner's Companion is a must-have for all trail runners, both new and experienced. It brings a wealth of knowledge and entertaining stories to keep you engaged in the valuable content of the book. If only I had The Trail Runner's Companion to read before my first trail race, I could have avoided so many mistakes! I highly recommend it.” - Kaci Lickteig, 2016 UltraRunning Magazine UltraRunner of the Year and Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run champion

About Smith, Sarah Lavender

Sarah Lavender Smith is a seasoned competitive trail runner, coach, and contributor to Trail Runner magazine. She also co-hosts and blogs on A mother of two teens, Sarah has finished more than 70 marathons and ultramarathons.