Connecticut River from the Air

An Intimate Perspective of New England’s Historic Waterway

Book Description

The Connecticut River from the Air is a collection of these extraordinary images alongside essays by historian Jerry Roberts. The book provides an intimate perspective following New England’s greatest river on its 410-mile journey from its source on the Canadian border to Long Island Sound, where its waters mingle with the salty brine of the Atlantic Ocean. Amazing and wonderful sights appear along the River that can only be seen and appreciated from small, low-flying aircraft. Beauty and wonder can be found in historic canals and bridges as well as twists and bends in the River, ship wrecks, rock formations, and even sand patterns on the River bottom. From naturally formed ox-bows to cornfield mazes, hidden valleys, quaint villages and sweeping vistas, these Wonders of the River are the true treasures of this amazing waterway and its surrounding landscapes.

About Roberts, Jerry

Now Executive Director of the New England Air Museum, Jerry Roberts’ 30-year career as an exhibit designer, writer, documentarian, and museum executive has earned him a reputation as a storyteller able to engage the public in dynamic accounts of historical events and places with a very modern sensibility. He has served as Vice President in charge of Exhibits at the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum in New York City, Executive Director of Connecticut River Museum in Essex CT, and Battlefield Historian for the British Raid on Essex Project. He has designed and built over forty exhibits, has written or co-written several books and documentaries and has published dozens of newspaper and magazine articles. Roberts is an avid sailor and merchant marine master and has navigated the eastern seaboard in small boats and historic vessels from The Gulf Coast to Nova Scotia. He lives overlooking the Connecticut River with his wife and two children.

When not flying jumbo jets around the globe for Delta, Captain Tom Walsh, a United States Marine Corps veteran, explores the New England landscape and waterways in his own small aircraft flying out of the tiny Goodspeed Airport. His company, Shoreline Aerial Photography ( is commissioned by corporations, state agencies, and individuals to document large scale construction projects, keep tabs on urbanization, and capture breathtaking views of private homes, vessels, and majestic scenes of the river itself. The aircrafts are customized for aerial photography with removable photo windows.