Unlikely Trust

Theodore Roosevelt, J.P. Morgan, and the Improbable Partnership That Rescued the American Economy

Book Description

How two battling American giants saved the nation’s economy

  • Timely history as the Trump administration brings big American business into government
  • Narrates the risky alliance of America’s two most powerful men of their time
  • A Theodore Roosevelt “team of rivals” story

As the twentieth century opened, Theodore Roosevelt and J. Pierpont Morgan were the two most powerful men in America, perhaps the world. The transformations they wrought in government and business were essential to creating our modern age. Yet no book has focused exclusively on the relationship between these two pivotal figures, and when they have been considered together, the result has been to reduce them to battling colossi, the great trust builder versus the original trustbuster. The truth, as told in this fascinating and surprising account, is that their long association was far more complex, and that—despite risks for both men—it saved U.S. business.

About Helferich, Gerard

Gerard Helferich is a regular book reviewer for the Wall Street Journal and the author of four highly praised histories: Theodore Roosevelt and the Assassin: Madness, Vengeance, and the Campaign of 1912, which was a New York Times e-book bestseller; Stone of Kings: In Search of the Lost Jade of the Maya, which was selected by the American Booksellers Association as an Indie Next title; High Cotton: Four Seasons in the Mississippi Delta, which was a Book Sense Notable Title and winner of the Authors Award for Nonfiction from the Mississippi Library Association; and Humboldt’s Cosmos: Alexander von Humboldt and the Latin American Journey That Changed the Way We See the World, which was a Discover magazine Science Bestseller. He lives with his wife, the writer Teresa Nicholas, in Jackson, Mississippi, and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. For more information, see http://www.gerardhelferich.com.