New England Catch

A Seafood Cookbook

Book Description

The New England Catch is a collection of 100 seafood recipes plus recipes for complementary side-dishes, breads and desserts with stories about and photos of the New England fishing industry and the fisherman. Dozens of brief little stories about the history and culture including literary quotes, and small sidebars are also included.

About Murphy, Martha Watson

Martha W. Murphy is an award-winning non-fiction writer interested in a broad spectrum of topics including food and the people who bring it to us. Martha's culinary credentials are strong; she has worked as a restaurant sous chef, private chef, home cook, and cooking school instructor. Martha's early married years were spent as the wife of a commercial fisherman. The truth is, she was as surprised as anyone to find herself connected to the world of commercial fishing in New England, to the "misfits and macho men" who inhabit it. But the sights and sounds and loneliness of it all captured her heart. Those years also served as a "graduate school" in seafood cookery. Not only did she master the cooking, but also the cleaning, skinning, and filleting. Martha is also an award-winning marketing professional—an activity she enjoys as much as she does writing. In addition to writing and cooking, Martha enjoys working in her garden, taking dance classes when she can, and reading. She lives in Rhode Island in a 100-year old house with her husband and the resident dog or two, and starts each day by opening a window and looking at the ocean. The view never gets old.