Down the Fence

Working Cow-Horse Dynamics

Book Description

Down the Fence addresses one of the most popular, most intriguing and typically least mastered aspects of the stock-horse world—handling cattle in the competitive cow-horse arena. Although cattle work fascinates many Western riders, unless they have ranching backgrounds few even know where to start when it comes to boxing, fencing or circling a cow in competition, much less how to help their horses master those skills.
Al Dunning fills this void by guiding readers—and their horses—step-by-step through the cow-horse world. Although the book considers the sport itself, a legacy from the California vaquero tradition, as well as the requisite horse and rider skills in the event “dry” work, Dunning focuses primarily on the cattle work—how to read, rate and control a cow, hold one here or send it there—all with the horsemanship skills and show savvy only a man of his experience can share.
In addition to Dunning’s expertise, Down the Fence includes cow-horse commentary from some of the industry’s great horsemen. Many have claimed multiple world and futurity championships and are Hall of Fame inductees. Among them are Bob Avila, Brad Barkemeyer, Corey Cushing, Todd Bergen, Todd Crawford, Bill Enk, Bobby Ingersoll, Don Murphy and Doug Williamson.

About Dunning, Al

Al Dunning, a multiple world champion, has been a lifelong competitor in the American Quarter Horse, National Cutting Horse, National Reining Horse and National Reined Cow Horse Associations. His many championships speak well of his horsemanship expertise, just as the many competitive awards his riding students have earned are testament to Al's abilities as an instructor and coach. Recognized by his peers as one of the country’s top professional trainers, Dunning owns and operates Almosta Ranch and AD Tack, both headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dunning is a proven Western Horseman author, with past titles including Reining and The Art of Hackamore Training to his credit.