Tank Tactics

From Normandy to Lorraine

Book Description

  • Explores the doctrinal, strategic, and tactical ideas behind World War II tank combat
  • Contains detailed maps and diagrams
  • Critiques the performances of commanders like George Patton, Bernard Montgomery, and others

    Focusing on five Allied tank operations from July to September 1944--Operations Goodwood, Cobra, Totalize, and Tractable and Patton's tank battles around Arracourt--armor expert Roman Jarymowycz draws on after-action reports, extensive battlefield reconnaissance, recently discovered battle performance reviews, and war diaries to evaluate the successes and failures of the art of armored warfare as practiced by Allied tank commanders in France in 1944.

  • About Jarymowycz, Roman

    Roman Jarymowycz, a retired Canadian Army officer, holds a PhD in military history and has taught at the Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College and the Royal Military College of Canada. He lives in Canada.