Hitler's Nemesis

The Red Army, 1930-45

Book Description

  • Details on the Soviet infantry, armor, artillery, and cavalry formations that waged World War II on the Eastern Front
  • Fills a major gap in our understanding of the Red Army
  • Based on painstaking archival research

    Hitler's Nemesis traces the development of the Russian army in reaction to the rise of Hitler, Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, and the progression of World War II over the following four years. Caught by surprise in 1941, the Red Army teetered on the brink of destruction before bouncing back to defend Moscow, defeat the Germans at Stalingrad and Kursk, and annihilate the German Army in 1944-45. This is the story of how the Soviets staged this miraculous turnaround.

  • About Glantz, Col. David

    Walter S. Dunn Jr., a recognized authority on the Soviet Union in World War II. He lives in Wisconsin.