Armoured Guardsmen

A War Diary from Normandy to the Rhine

Book Description

Shortly after D-Day, Bob Boscawen, fresh from Cambridge and Sandhurst, found himself in Normandy with his Coldstream Guards tank unit. During the months that followed, he kept a diary recording the Guards Armoured Division's almost constant activity in France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany--until, having already had three tanks shot from under him, he suffered severe burns and had to be evacuated, one of only two survivors of his crew.

  • A stirring story of frontline action with the tank troops of the Coldstream Guards as they fight their way through northwest Europe during the final year of World War II
  • Vivid and perceptive narrative captures the spirit of comradeship, the joy of success, the bitterness of loss, and the dangerous thrill of combat

  • About Boscawen, Robert

    Robert Boscawen joined the British Army in 1941, was commissioned into the Coldstream Guards, and later earned the Military Cross. Following a lengthy convalescence after the war and a career in business, he served in Parliament from 1970 to 1992. He lives in England.