The Combat History of German Tiger Tank Battalion 503 in World War II

in World War II

Book Description

  • Hundreds of photos of Tiger tanks in action
  • Text chronicles the unit's combat operations in the East and West
  • Personal accounts from the men who rode in these battlefield behemoths

    This book tells--with firsthand accounts as well as numerous, never-before-seen photographs--the combat history of German Tiger Tank Battalion 503, the senior Tiger battalion of the German Army, equipped with both the Tiger I and the King Tiger. The unit saw action in the attempted relief of Stalingrad, the tremendous tank engagements at Kursk, and the bitter fighting to relieve German unit encircled at the Tscherkassy Pocket. It then defended against the Allies in Normandy in 1944, and ended the war with desperate fighting in Hungary and Austria.

  • About Lochmann, Franz-Wilhelm

    The authors are all veterans of German Tiger Tank Battalion 503 and live in Germany.