Eastern Front Combat

The German Soldier in Battle from Stalingrad to Berlin

Book Description

  • First-person German accounts of bloody combat
  • Includes never-before-seen photos "We had been hit in the left side of our Panzer III and had no choice but to bail out. In our black uniforms, we clearly stood out against the snow. Meanwhile, shells continued to hit our damaged tank, and the splinters flew all around us. We crawled 400 yards on our bellies back to our own lines. No one wanted to fall into Russian hands." --a German tanker at Stalingrad

    Appearing for the first time in English, these are original accounts by German soldiers who fought on the Eastern Front in World War II. Included are stories from a panzer crewman who survived the fighting at Stalingrad as well as a paratrooper making a last stand before Berlin. Many of the photos have never been published before.

  • About Wijers, Hans

    Hans Wijers lives in the Netherlands.