Mastering Skeet

Fundamental Shooting Techniques for Hitting the Target in Championship Form

Book Description

  • How to control your vision and prevent flinching
  • Data on the flight dynamics of a skeet target and how we perceive it
  • Methods for teaching beginners and coaching advanced shooters

    Skeet is easy, if you're happy breaking nine out of ten birds. But if you want to shoot 100 straight, this manual can help you achieve that goal. Since even excellent shooters tend to overlook many basic details, Mastering Skeet emphasizes fundamental techniques that will greatly improve your precision and consistency. It addresses various shooting methods and describes proper form, with notes on stance, posture, and balance, gun mount, foot position, pivoting, and follow-through. The book also discusses individual stations and examines common errors for each shot. Whether you're an experienced shooter looking for an extra edge or a beginner who wants to learn the basics of good technique, Mastering Skeet covers the full range of material necessary for success.

  • About Heiple, King

    King Heiple is one of the National Skeet Shooting Association's ten Master Instructors. He is a life member of the Ohio State Skeet Shooting Association and in 2001 was inducted into its Hall of Fame. Heiple lives in Pepper Pike, Ohio. Contributor Todd Nelson writes a column for Skeet Shooting Review and Trap & Field magazines .