Iron Arm

The Mechanization of Mussolini's Army, 1920-40

Book Description

  • A detailed study of Italy's long-ignored tank force
  • Explores the intersection of technology, war, and society in Mussolini's Italy
  • Second only to Germany in number of tank divisions, first to create an armored corps

    Though overshadowed by Germany's more famous Afrika Korps, Italian tanks formed a large part of the Axis armored force that the Allies confronted--and ultimately defeated--in North Africa in the early years of World War II. Those tanks were the product of two decades of debate and development as the Italian military struggled to produce a modern, mechanized army in the aftermath of World War I. For a time, Italy stood near the front of the world's tank forces--but once war came, Mussolini's iron arm failed as an effective military force. This is the story of its rise and fall.

  • About Sweet, John Joseph Timothy

    The late John Joseph Timothy Sweet studied under Sir Basil Liddell Hart and earned a doctorate from Kansas State University. A native of California, Sweet was killed on active duty with the U.S. Army. His other book is Mounting the Threat (0-89141-026-0).