Trophy Bowhunting

Plan the Hunt of a Lifetime then Bag One for the Record Books

Book Description

  • Extreme bowhunting adventure stories from North America, Africa, and other exotic locations
  • Complete guide to planning and budgeting a dream hunt
  • Strategies and gear guide for taking trophy bears, mountain lions, caribou, pronghorns, bison, Africa's Big Six, and many more species with a bow

    Trophy Bowhunting invites you to participate in some of the world's greatest bowhunting challenges and gives you all the knowledge you need to succeed. With information on guides and outfitters, game availability, and hunting techniques and gear requirements for a variety of species, this book teaches how to plan the trip of your dreams and bag the trophy of a lifetime. Well-known bowhunters share adventure stories and sound advice: Join Jack Brittingham as he stalks giant coastal grizzlies in Alaska; chase turkey hunting's "World Slam" with Danny Faulkner; pursue Africa's Big Six--lion, leopard, elephant, Cape buffalo, rhinoceros, and hippopotamus--in northwest Namibia with Wendell Reich. Modern bowhunting gear is adequate to take the most exotic and dangerous quarries, but you need to be sufficiently prepared for the challenge. Discover whether you have the discipline, resourcefulness, and courage it takes to defy the odds against difficult game in some of the most extreme environments with only a bow and a handful of arrows.

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