Elk Hunting Guide

Skills, Gear, and Insight

Book Description

  • A thorough, informative guide to the growing sport of elk hunting with in-depth coverage of current equipment and gear
  • Techniques for tracking elk and staying safe in the wilderness
  • Advice on choosing guides and outfitters

    With the popularity of elk hunting on the rise, many beginners have been left wanting information that goes beyond conventional wisdom and the same old tips and techniques. In his Elk Hunting Guide, Tom Airhart rises to the occasion, providing an in-depth, wide-ranging, but never dull introduction to the sport that draws on his more than thirty years of experience taking elk. This comprehensive book covers every aspect of the hunt in extensive detail, from gearing up and navigating the terrain to stalking elk and making the kill. Also included is specific advice for some of the most popular elk hunting regions in the country, as well as some rules of thumb for choosing reputable guides. And spread throughout the book are the author's lively "Elk Hunting Tales" - instructive stories that are the next best thing to sharing a campfire with an expert the night before a big hunt.

  • About Airhart, Tom

    Tom Airhart is a writer and inventor with a doctorate in engineering and numerous patents to his name. He has been hunting elk across North America for 40 years. He currently lives in Copeville, Texas.