Whitewater Paddling

Strokes & Concepts

Book Description

  • Expert instruction in beginning and advanced whitewater strokes
  • Techniques illustrated in on-the-water photographs of a champion paddler

    When a kayaker perfects fundamental strokes before attempting to tackle whitewater, he is rewarded with efficiency, simplicity, control, and speed. Expert kayaker Eric Jackson provides detailed lessons on 16 such strokes, each illustrated in step-by-step photos of EJ in action on flat water and in the rapids. Each section includes advice on the early correction of common paddling mistakes, warm-up and practice drills, as well as how each lesson combines with others to improve technique.

  • About Jackson, Eric

    Eric Jackson has won over 100 kayaking events--the most of any kayaker in history--including three men’s pro World Championships, two Pre-World Championships, and one World Cup within the past fifteen years. He is the author of the bestselling kayaking books Whitewater Paddling: Strokes and Concepts and Playboating. Eric has also coached several kayaking teams to win major events, including teams with his children, who are both world champions. He lives in Walling, Tennessee.