Midge Magic

Book Description

  • Step-by-step tying sequences for dozens of new patterns
  • Hatch charts and extensive catalog of patterns

    No one has studied midges more intently than Don Holbrook. For 25 years he has scoured the limestone streams of central Pennsylvania, gathering and cataloging specimens, studying them under the microscope, and creating patterns to match every nuance of color, structure, and size. No one is as adept at fishing midges as Ed Koch, who literally wrote the book on the subject. Holbrook and Koch here combine to present the definitive work on tying and fishing the tiny naturals with which you can catch trout virtually all year long.

  • About Holbrook, Don

    The late Ed Koch was a fly-fishing guide, writer, and lecturer. He lived in southcentral Pennsylvania where he was active in groups including Trout Unlimited and the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Association.