The Exciting Way of Fishing Flies that Fly, Quiver and Jump

Book Description

  • A thorough introduction to a unique and often overlooked method of fly fishing
  • How to tie and use dapping flies: stoneflies, dragonflies, craneflies, grass shrimp, minnows, Catskill flies, and Irish and Scottish flies
  • Photos, recipes, and step-by-step instructions for tying the flies

    Proclaimed as the easiest way to fly-fish--the wind carries the blowline, which carries the fly to the fish--dapping is all but unknown in North America, yet it is extraordinarily popular in Ireland and Scotland. The dapper uses the wind, even a breeze, to carry the blowline that carries a fly that flies, quivers, and jumps exactly like the living insect. And dapping drives trout, bass, salmon, and other gamefish wild with desire.

    In this first and only book published in the United States exclusively on the subject of dapping, Robert Boyle examines this unusual but highly effective technique, giving details on how to rig and fish a dapping rod equipped with the proper reel, backing, blowline, and short leader. He describes the proven flies to use, along with the materials needed and the tying procedures.

  • About Boyle, Robert H.