Wings of Spring

Courtship, Nesting, and Fledging

Book Description

  • Another breathtaking collection from the photographer behind Wings in the Wild
  • Focuses on the springtime rituals of birds from all around the world
  • Text by the editor of Birder's World magazine

    With more than 200 stunning images by one of the country's top nature photographers, this beautiful and informative book tells the age-old story of how birds migrate to their nesting grounds, select a mate, establish a nest site, and raise their young in the wild.

    The nesting cycle starts when early migrants return to snow-covered breeding territories. It includes colorful courtship displays; intricate nest-building techniques; egg laying, brooding, and hatching; and the never-ending hunt for food. It also includes ingenious methods of protection and the miraculously quick growth of chicks. It can end with a fall migration flight thousands of miles long.

    Songbirds, owls, hummingbirds, shorebirds, raptors, waterfowl. . . . All engage in breeding rituals, and all are included here. Featuring a wealth of information conveyed by words and pictures, this handsome book offers a fascinating look at a rarely observed world.

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