The 1864 Field Artillery Tactics

Book Description

  • Richly illustrated with 122 highly detailed engravings of all types of artillery equipment and maneuvers
  • Civil War historians, and especially reenactors, will enjoy this addition to the Civil War Reference & Reenactors Guide series

    This guide provides the most thorough explanation of how Civil War artillery operated in the field; definitions of all the equipment belonging to an artillery battery; explanations on the use of each piece of equipment; details for handling the horses; movement of artillery; and formations for battle. The illustrations show the gun, ancillary equipment, caissons and wagons, harnesses, ammunition types and how they are used, and emplacement positions. Includes all 39 artillery bugle calls.

    The book was written by a board of officers (the Artillery Board of the Army). This version is authorized for use in the training and employment of Union artillery. This book was also used by Confederate forces, as the Confederate artillerist was trained on and used the identical equipment as the Union forces. In fact, they relied extensively on captured Union artillery.

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