Stocking Book

Book Description

A sumptuous feast for the eyes, and rich in historic detail, The Stocking Book is a lively and lovely paean to the world’s most alluring garment. Often overlooked, the stocking has always been as outrageous as it is practical, from the ancient world all the way up to modern era. Arwas navigates the creation of the stocking, from the first knitters to mass manufacturing and the invention of nylon, and explores its many uses, from a practical garment worn by both sexes to the extravagant, luxury items they have become today. Sifting through decades of art, Arwas delves into the explosive cultural sensation of the stocking, from the role they have played on the runway to the phenomenon of the Christmas stocking. Complete with full-color illustrations and photos, as well as cultural commentary, The Stocking Book is bursting at the seams with its delightful and irreverent history.

About Arwas, Victor

Victor Arwas (deceased) was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt before moving to London with his family and beginning a lucrative career as an art dealer. He was the founder of Editions Graphiques, an art gallery in London which has remained open for more than forty years. As well, he was the curator for over thirty exhibitions all over the world. A specialist on Art Nouveau, Arwas became a leading expert in his given field. He has published more than 30 books, monographs, and exhibition catalogues over his lifetime, many of which have become canon literature in art history fields. Significant works include Art Nouveau from Mackintosh to Liberty (2000) and Art Nouveau - The French Aesthetic (2002). He died in February of 2010.

Andreas Papadakis, founder of the Papadakis Publisher, was the publisher for most of Arwas's books. Papadakis's immense collection of images and designs allowed him to compile the initial artwork found in The Stocking Book.