It Happened in Rocky Mountain National Park

Book Description

With 3.3 million visitors each year, many unexpected things occur in this
phenomenal park -- floods, cougar attacks and brave rescues -- in addition to achievements such as the building of the highest paved road in the world.

About Perry, Phyllis

Phyllis J. Perry has lived in Boulder, Colorado for forty years within an hour's drive of Rocky Mountain National Park. She and her husband visit the park in all seasons of the year to photograph its beauties, and to enjoy hiking, cross country skiing, fishing, and camping. Among her prize winning books are Animals Under the Ground and The Secrets of the Rock. She is also the author of A Kid's Look at Colorado; Sherlock Hounds: Our Heroic Search & Rescue Dogs; Sounds Around Us: Poems to Tickle Kids' Ears; and The Alien, The Giant, and Rocketman.